Friday, February 1, 2013

That's Series Wrap

30 Rock has ended and there is nothing more I can add to the accolades and essays that have come out on the finale that aired in a one hour special last night. The only thing I can do is express my own feelings for this terrific show.

Tina Fey and the cast of characters that she and co-showrunner Robert Carlock have created are the brain children of improv - going back to Second City in Chicago where Fey and her talented friends first started - straight to New York's Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.  This is where her incredible crew of writers and and performers came from. They brought their comedic experience into this crazy world of Liz Lemon and TGS.

The quality of the show didn't just exist in the writing. Set designers, decorators, property masters, make up, wardrobe - each and very person who worked on this show contributed a perfect Rockefeller Plaza world. As someone who started working at NBC while still in college, and for many years after graduating, I can attest that the detail paid to the interior of that large deco skyscraper was precise. Although the show was made in Long Island City at Silvercup Studios, there was never a moment when I thought they weren't within the hallowed halls and offices of 30 Rock. I now live in Los Angeles. Watching this show brought my New York back to me.

I used to run into 30 Rock production from time to time. One day while running errands, I saw the crew in front of 30 Rockefeller Plaza with Tracy Morgan, Will Arnett and Alec Baldwin present and waiting for their call.  One evening, before attending a Paley Center event which ironically featured 30 Rock Producer John Riggi and Jim Downey (who had a cameo in last night's episode), I encountered production trucks beside St. Patricks Cathedral and The Palace Hotel on Madison. My suspicion of this being 30 Rock production was confirmed when I saw hairdresser Richard Esposito (also featured last night) walk out of a trailer.

For me, 30 Rock isn't just the end of a series, it's the end of an era - a period of time when alternative comedy came out of the shadows and found an audience - small - but at least they were there.

There's so much I can say about this show ending, and I bet I'll edit this post a few times before I feel I've said all there is to say.  As I grow weary of showbiz, television and comedy, as jobs I have been qualified for slipped away, as blogs I've written are ignored, as the money evaporates, despite how hard I've tried...this show gave me an escape from from reality by making reality funny.

Thank you 30 Rock people.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

'Lemon Out...'

Alas, we are roughly 24 hours away from the series finale of 30 Rock. Seven years of funny meta moments will come to an end.

Above is a video compilation "Sh*t Liz Lemon Says" to sum things up.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Live From New York...." It's Gilda!

"Having cancer gave me membership in an elite club I'd rather not belong to."

Those were Gilda Radner's words when the beloved comedienne battled Ovarian Cancer a few decades ago. Despite a fight filled with humor and determination, she succumbed to the disease in 1989.

Gilda was back in the news recently. A local Madison,Wisconsin chapter of a cancer support group affiliated with the Wellness center Radner helped established wanted to change its name from 'Gilda's Club' to a more clinical and colder name: 'The Cancer Support Community of Southwest Wisconsin'.  Why? Because young Cancer patients who used the facility were not born when Gilda was alive. "Who was the Gilda in 'Gilda's Club?",  perhaps they asked.  I suppose no one answered, nor did anyone educate them. They just thought to change the name and forget about it. Forget her. Forget her legacy. Forget the fact that Gilda was a funny, charming talent who tapped danced, Rosanne Rosanna Danna'd, Emily Latella'd and Lisa Loopner'd her way into peoples' hearts years ago. Perhaps they didn't think to explain to the kids that Gilda was a lady, with the heart of a child, who one day found herself very ill like you, very scared like you, and turned to a support group with very ill people who needed laughs, a sense of common ground and normalcy in order to heal- just like you. She helped create this space. For you.

Remove Gilda's name? Hell no! The population of Gilda fans roared. Her dear friend, comedian and writer Alan Zweibel wrote a heartfelt article in the Huffington Post (read it here) to fight to keep her name. Emails flooded the local chapter. Loud emails. Angry emails. Emails pleading that her name not be forgotten. Emails professing their love for this sweet, funny clown, who if alive today, would not only have stood alongside the Poehlers, Feys and Dunhams of the comedy stage, she would have been honored by them.

As per Huffington Post's article today, the Madison chapter reversed their decision. They will be keeping the center in Gilda's name. Hooray! Somewhere in heaven, Judy Miller, dressed in her Brownie uniform, just jumped off her bed and introduced her Teddy Bear to an imaginary studio audience to talk about this awesome news!

But why did we even need to go there? Why did a committee of seemingly intelligent advocates for Cancer patients publicly entertain the idea of removing Gilda's name just because a younger generation didn't know her? Wow.This new concept of "if it happened before I was born, then it didn't happen" has become pervasive. It's a lazy vision on history - a narcissistic concept of "only my reality matters." 

It's sad to think that one's name and legacy can be erased forever if cancer claims your life. People go on living, decades will go by without you, and your proof of existence diminishes generation by generation. Surely, that's not the message the Madison, WI branch wants to send to children who were given this dreaded diagnosis?

Although the Madison 'Gilda's Club' is taking steps to honor Ms. Radner by keeping her image placed around the building, this question still comes to mind: Why wasn't Gilda Radner introduced to kids at this Wellness center from the get go? Okay, maybe not everyone cares about comedy, despite the existence of studies that show how laughter can help lower blood pressure and ease the emotional stress of the disease. One of the reasons might be the lack of internet coverage. Sadly, copyright restrictions on YouTube and various internet video portals have made it hard to see the very best of Gilda's legendary SNL work at the touch of one's finger. Unlike your average viral video of a dog talking to a baby or 'Gangham Style' parodies, Gilda's organic live television shows and the intimacy of the studio audience in their entirety are hard to find. To a generation technology-fed young folks, who are not inclined to seek out her work by waiting for a Netflix DVD in the mail, the immediacy of seeing her TV work online might help these kids to see why we loved her work back in the day - and how it's still relevant and irreverent today.

I don't mean to be hard or go all preachy on the Madison Chapter of 'Gilda's Club'. In fact, I applaud them, for changing their minds by voting to keep her name, and for causing a little stir in the universe that allows Gilda's name to be brought to light and help young children who gather at their local Wellness center and ask "Who was the Gilda in 'Gilda's Place"? Now their question will be answered wholeheartedly.

Happily, Gilda's Broadway show 'Gilda Live' is available on YouTube.   As far as her SNL work goes, at least there's the cold open "LIVE FROM NEW YORK...!!" montage below:


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Days of Rich Hall and 'Sniglets'

"Snig'let: Any Word That Doesn't Appear in the Dictionary, But Should."

Are you old like me and remember Sniglets? Sniglets were words that described indescribable items or acts of minutia, and were created by comedian Rich Hall on HBO's early comedy Not Necessarily The News. 

If you are old like me, you remember Rich Hall, the tall, skinny guy who looked like he could have been David Letterman's younger grimacing cousin. After his time with Not Neccessarily, he had a one year stint as a cast member of Saturday Night Live in 1984-1985 alongside a stellar, all star cast that included Martin Short, Billy Crystal, Christopher Guest, Julia Louis Dreyfus and Harry Schearer.

Hall published a few books on Sniglets that used to amuse and delight. Although out of print, they  can still be found at your local Amazon webpage, and Ebay.

Rich now lives in England and took his bag of Sniglets with him, but the memory lives on for those of us who are starting to forget where we left our shoes.  (There must be a Sniglet for that.)

Check out Sniglets Twitter account over at @SnigletsOFCL

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reality Stars Take Action...

...after causing the demise of the world. Joel McHale conducts a lineup of mostly obscure reality stars. Special appearance by toilet baby!

Happy Apopolipse (sic) people! (Sorry for the embedded ad.)

Friday, December 7, 2012

'My Whole Life is Thunder': RIP Mrs. Donaghy

30 Rock is winding down to it's last few episode. Liz got married. Jenna got married. It's now being revealed that Kenneth is actually a different encarnation of Clarence the angel from It's a Wonderful Life ("Jacob! Why are you doing this to me?")

But last night, the matriarch of the 30 Rock crew and the bane of Jack Donaghy's existence passed away in a horse drawn carriage in Central Park. Colleen Donaghy, Jack's hellacious mother, the woman who was going to out live us all, met her maker. Thank Thor it wasn't in an ambulance, because her father "didn't kill Germans only to end up dieing in a van."

'My Whole Life is Thunder' is the name of this episode. Very fitting, at least for this storyline. Colleen was the biggest thunder clap of all.

If only the best clips of Colleen were up on YouTube. Due to NBC's legal mumbo jumbo, there's a paltry supply. But this is basically all you need to see to get a picture of Jack's mom.

RIP Mrs. Donaghy.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

NTSF:SD:SUV: Christmas Will Be Terrifiying!

Tonight! Adult Swim!

Before you leave this page, here's a word from an NTSF sponsor:

Ode to Jason Mantzoukas

If you've ever watched The League on FX, you're familiar with Rafi. He's Ruxin's brother-in-law, and he's...well.. I suppose uninhibited is one word you can use to describe him. Plus, he's super funny to the point where it's sometimes mind blowing.

Portrayed by the amazing Jason Mantzoukas, who not only gives us a character that is so hilariously gross on this show, but is also the co-host of the ever popular podcast about dumb movies called How Did This Get Made over on Earwolf.

But wait! There's more! He's appeared alongside Sasha Baron Cohen in The Dictator, written for and appeared in episodes of Childrens' Hospital and NTSF:SD:SUV and wrecked Tom Haverford's dream of a career in the mens' cologne industry as Dennis Feinstein in Parks and Recreation.

Before you start thinking I've eaten an IMDB page, here he is as Rafi, in cahoots with his intellectual equal Taco on The League:

Mel Brooks Strikes Back

Fans of comedy should bow at the feet of Mel Brooks. Former writer of the legendary Your Show of Shows and the master behind the films Blazing Saddles, The Producers and Young Frankenstein (as well as the Broadway Musical hits they inspired), he's one of a kind.

On December 10th, HBO will premiere Mel Brooks Strikes Back, a one on one interview with Brooks, lead by BBC Creative Director Alan Yentob, taped live before an audience at the Geffen Theater in Westwood, CA. In his own irrepressible style, Brooks discusses his childhood in Brooklyn, his jewish mother's Irish accent and how Gene Wilder agreed to star in Frankenstein if Mel didn't appear in the film. Watch!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Get Your Knives, Here....

Thinking about what to get grandma that will make her weaponry collection gleam this Christmas? NTSF:SD:SUV's Dragon Shumway (Rob Huebel) has a great deal for you!

Another new parody infomercial has cropped up on the Adult Swim airwaves in the dead of night - 4am to be exact. Tune in each night this week to Swords, Knives, Very Sharp Objects and Cutlery, for great deals on the tools of the Asian masters.

Here's an episode where things get a little dicey:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Martin Short to Host SNL

When word got out that Martin Short will be hosting the December 15th broadcast of SNL with musical guest Paul McCartney, it brought back some awesome memories from when he was a cast member. Like this:

Synchronized Swimming from Videodrome Discothèque on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Coolest Opening Titles

It's interesting that a show with an old timesy musical score and stories about Atlantic City in the days of Prohibition would have such a cool, jangly theme tune.

HBO's programming vision has spawned groundbreaking shows with memorable opening titles that had incredibly catchy musical themes.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

'Big Bang's' Flash Mob

The studio audience of The Big Bang Theory got a cool surprise when the cast and crew surprised them, plus Executive Producer Chuck Lorre, with a little Carly Rae Jepsen. Ba-Zinga!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mazel 2 the 'Tov

Has your Bar Mitzvah turned into a Bore-Mitzvah? 'Boys II Menorah' is on the case - after they resolve their internal conflict with a 'Hype Off".

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Childrens' Hospital Sneak Peek "Eulogy"

The season finale of Childrens' Hospital is this Thursday on Adult Swim.

Rob Huoible doesn't save the day, exactly.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hey Insomiacs! Fill That Hole with 'You're Whole'

You know the drill. You're up all night, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. You give up, get up and turn on the TV to let a big toothed, be-sweatered pitchman conducting an overly rehearsed and edited infomercial lull you back to sleep. He'll tell you how you can juice your way to health, pump your way to a better body, or work from home while making thousands a month. Ultimately, a set of knives and a veggie slicer will be delivered to your door - much to the chagrin of your exasperated and sex starved wife.

What if that pitchman on telly was a blind, volleyball loving, pony tailed guy in 1990's mom jeans telling you how you can be whole?

From the people who bring you parody at it's best, Adult Swim (in conjunction with Abominable Pictures, Williams Street Productions and Michael Ian Black) gives you Randall Tyree Mandersohn - a life coach who will cough up results.

You're Whole airs at 4am everyday this month (a new episode each week) until you're convinced that smoothies, pumpkins, cookies and all day Sunday pooping will change your life forever.

Three 11 minutes installments of "You're Whole" will not only include "Pumpkins, Smoothies and Cookies", but "Finger Puppets, Saxophones and Fish Tank" and "Tools, Drawing Comics and Spin Class!" Again, that's all on Adult Swim! 4am!
Order Now! (Or really, order later, since all orders have been halted due to a pending criminal investigation.)

Watch now!