Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Breaking Bad Returns July 17th

Season four was delayed, but it's on the AMC slate for this summer. The only thing I can say is get your adult diapers on. This show is insane. Never has my jaw dropped to the floor so fast as it did during the glorious, suspenseful season three.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

In remembrance of all fallen heroes.

Please watch Taking Chance on HBO today.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Jeff Conaway

Sad news today. Jeff Conaway passed away. Back in 2008, I was riveted by his rocky turn on Celebrity Rehab. His demons were so stubborn, so intense, that despite hoping the best for him, his impending demise was palpable.

He was a talented man, and well known for some great roles. Kenickie in the film Grease, and of course, Bobby Wheeler on the classic hit Taxi.

Here's a favorite, amazing television moment featuring Conaway and the cast of Taxi:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

'Childrens' Hospital' Season 3: Sneak a Peek

Adult Swim has put up some video sneak peeks of the upcoming third season of Childrens' Hospital, premiering June 2nd. Some guest stars this season include Sarah Silverman, Michael McKeon, Jon Hamm and...the return of Jewy McJew Jew!

There are not available for embedding, so go through this link:


'Childrens' Hospital' Will Not Judge You

Ok, so that Judgment Day thing didn't happen last Saturday. But aren't you glad you weren't swooped up to heaven, or left behind to be prodded by the forks of little devils who look like tiny Harold Campings for eternity? For on this wondrous day in the kingdom of comedy, we can rejoice: Childrens' Hospital: Complete First & Second Seasons has been released to the world on DVD. A rainbow of funny episodes stretching back to the original web series will beam before your eyes. There will be ladies kissing, and men groping in closets. People will smoke cigarettes and boogie in the hospital parking lot.

And DVD extras! Oh there will be DVD extras! Rob Coddry interviews himself as Dr. Blake Downs. There's a gag reel and cast commentary and lots of scrubs on scrubs action.

So, spend some personal time with really randy, funny, fake doctors who know how to make comedy pitch perfect.

Get Childrens Hospital: Complete First and Second Seasons at Amazon - or you favorite store - online or mortar.

'Conan O'Brien Can't Stop'

Screened at SXSW and subsequently in various private venues, the long awaited documentary Conan O'Brien Can't Stop will be released to a wider audience on June 24th. The film is a behind-the-scenes look into O'Brien's U.S. tour, showing candid, emotional moments from the newly beared comedian as he was in crisis mode. The trailer is now available:

Source: Huffington Post

Monday, May 23, 2011

"Bring It On Down to Liquor-Ville"

If anyone can tell me where to find last Saturday's SNL sketch with Justin Timberlake in that bottle suit reprising his hilarious street advertisement guy, please let me know. In the meantime, here's something awesome.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Heart, She Holler

The Upfronts are winding down in New York City. A week of new fall schedules, pilot pick-ups and parties have been unfurled, only to be swept away with the remnants of party favors and stacked up folded chairs. As new comedy sitcoms were paraded out like a little miss beauty pageant, Cartoon Network announced the pick up of a new live action series for Adult Swim premiering this Fall. The Heart, She Holler stars Patton Oswalt in a soap opera spoof about a town filled with simple minded folk who are so in-bred, their locale has been deemed "supernaturally wrong". Heather Lawless also stars. This should be good!

Source: DeadlineDaily

Sunday, May 15, 2011

'The Ambiguously Gay Duo' Returns

SNL had a surprise in store last night. Robert Smigel's The Ambiguously Gay Duo returned, with a twist: The animation turned into live action - with cameos from Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Jon Hamm, Jimmy Fallon and Saturday's host Ed Helms.

Friday, May 13, 2011

'Parks and Recreation' Instant Classic

Your mother's butt.

ABC Renews 'Happy Endings'

Girls, get your Snookie on! This is the best Friday the 13th EVER!

Source: DeadlineHollywood

Jon Hamm on Conan From A Few Days Ago, Lost to Blogspot Crash

Due to Blogspot crashing, I lost a post from Thursday that I refuse to let die. I wrote a happy little commentary that usually takes a lot of time to conjure from my stagnant brain. So when I lose that work, I'm extremely ticked off. I understand crashing, but considering this is the outlet I use to getting my ass in line to write, it's more than annoying.

Anyway - this is the Jon Hamm interview on Conan. Hamm's in the flick Bridesmaids, which is being released today.

'Happy Endings' Emptied Out The UCB

ABC-TV's Happy Endings went ape shit crazy with Upright Citizen Brigade residents on Wednesday night. Of course, their talents and projects go beyond the UCB; however, my association with these guys are from the funny, intimate shows in which they participate at the little theater on Franklin Avenue, Hollywood or West 26th Street, NYC. It's meaningful to me. That's why I'm inspired to write about them here. Constantly.

So, you can imagine, with ABC broadcasting back to back episodes of this new comedy that already stars UCB alumni Casey Wilson and Adam Pally, I was pretty psyched to see other members of the theatre. Within one hour, the following UCB'ers appeared:

The funny Billy Merritt.

From Comedy Band "Don't Stop Or We'll Die"...Michael Cassady.*

Brian Huskey - who has also appeared on this blog's ultimate favorite Childrens Hospital on Adult Swim.

Seth Morris, as a concerned citizen, portraying a character that feels very close to his Bob Ducca incarnation - which you can see at UCB.

Rob Huebel, who portrayed another version of the 40 year old life guard I dated back in 2005. If only there was a scene where he takes Casey out on a date to the movies and buys a senior citizen ticket to save money...

(*Update: I plum forgot about Michael Cassady, who was in it so quick you'd miss him if you sneezed. Just added). If there were other UCB people whom I didn't mention...sorry. I may have been hitting the wine hard that night.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Whitney Cummings' Pilot Ordered to Series

Busy day in Hollywood, with NBC now picking up shows for the new Fall season. Comedian Whitney Cummings' pilot has just been ordered to series. The comedienne plays one half of a committed couple who deals with the everyday complications of life. Sounds groundbreaking.

Don't get me wrong. I adore Whitney. I always knew her ballsy wit and those gorgeous cheekbones would get her places, but this premise is a little staid. So, hopefully, thunderbolts of brilliant comedic scripture and eye boinking timing and chemistry can give this show a foundation.

Late minute update reveals that Christina Applegate's pilot has been picked up. It will be called Up All Night, and is about a single mom raising her kid.

Most likely this is the start of NBC's effort to build an all ladies block of comedy.

Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily

Ed Helms in 8H This Week

Ed Helms hosts SNL this weekend with musical guest Paul Simon. Promos are up:

Slaughter at Fox

The hammer came down last night at Fox. With Upfronts fast approaching, the network made some harsh decisions for the 2011-2012 season. Breaking In, The Chicago Code, Human Target and Traffic Light were all cancelled, and Hollywood is reeling a bit from the blow. That's a lot of shows to be shown the door all at once.

Personally, I'm sorry Traffic Light was let go. The romantic couple trend prevalent in this past television season (Perfect Couples, Mad Love) provided sappy, sitcomy fare that either went nowhere (NBC's 'Couples'), or stayed on the schedule ('Mad Love') because Charlie Sheen did a bender. (*Update: Mad Love was canceled by CBS since this was posted. Amen.)

The new mid-season ABC comedy Happy Endings has provided a bunch of lovebirds I actually do not hate. It's fresh, funny, sharply written. The cast is well placed, with Adam Pally playing the hilarious and non-stereotypical gay bro, while Casey Wilson has found her comedic voice as the goofy love-lorn friend. However, Traffic Light stood out for me. Indeed, it was not without flaws. The bromance friendships were a little annoying, and Aya Cash's character Callie was unlikable. Yet, being an Office fan from day one, I was rooting for David Denman to land on a hit show. So, this news is disappointing.

Two pilots I've been on the look-out for, Family Album and Little in Common are still in wait and see mode. As per Deadline Hollywood Daily it's likely the shows could be mid-season replacements, or are being held aside for a family themed line up one day.

Also, Zoey Deschannel fans, and I am one, keep your eyes open for The New Girl. It's been picked up for series, and could be fun.

Thankfully, the television overlords at Fox have spared Raising Hope from the harsh chop of the axe. It will be back next season, and those dysfunctional grandparents can continue their lovely quirky lives once again. Believe me, when Maw Maw (Cloris Leachman) is in her non-lucid state, anything could happen.

Now if only Fox could pick up Family Album so I can watch Mike O'Malley, Rob Huebel and Rachael Harris on vacation in perpetuity.

You can read the blow-by-blow account of Fox's decisions at: Deadline Hollywood Daily

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

RIP Conan's Beard

Conan looked damn sexy with, as Stephen Colbert once described, "that Rusty Sea Urchin" on his face. Will Farrell didn't think so. O'Brien's post Tonight Show beard - grown out of the deposed host's existential turmoil and despair - is no more. It was only a matter of time. "Beardpocalpyse" was nigh.

Nice to see you again, clean shaven Conan. Just like old times.

And for good measure - the hilarious and incredible Paul Bettany was on the show last night. He's a terrific guest and a favorite actor of mine since A Beautiful Mind. Another clip I can't help but post.

Whither 'Party Down'?

Party Down fans will love this! Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan have been cast in an indie feature from Sanchez Productions called The Bachelorette. It will focus on a group of old high school friends who get together for the wedding of a friend. Will Farrell and Adam McKay will produce. Kirsten Dunst and Casey Wilson are also attached to the project.

I am still traumatized by the cancellation of Party Down. It got to the point that when I recently moved and ordered cable, I refused to include the Starz channel on my package. The joke's on them: Cult status on the show is growing, and the idea of a Party Down movie has been mentioned by various cast members.

Until that elusive and mythical feature is created, we can enjoy Caplan and Scott's cool chemistry under the hands of McKay and Farrell. Since Adam will be playing Lizzy's former high school crush, perhaps those hilarious sparks will fly.

Sources: Vulture, Hollywood Reporter