Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hey Insomiacs! Fill That Hole with 'You're Whole'

You know the drill. You're up all night, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. You give up, get up and turn on the TV to let a big toothed, be-sweatered pitchman conducting an overly rehearsed and edited infomercial lull you back to sleep. He'll tell you how you can juice your way to health, pump your way to a better body, or work from home while making thousands a month. Ultimately, a set of knives and a veggie slicer will be delivered to your door - much to the chagrin of your exasperated and sex starved wife.

What if that pitchman on telly was a blind, volleyball loving, pony tailed guy in 1990's mom jeans telling you how you can be whole?

From the people who bring you parody at it's best, Adult Swim (in conjunction with Abominable Pictures, Williams Street Productions and Michael Ian Black) gives you Randall Tyree Mandersohn - a life coach who will cough up results.

You're Whole airs at 4am everyday this month (a new episode each week) until you're convinced that smoothies, pumpkins, cookies and all day Sunday pooping will change your life forever.

Three 11 minutes installments of "You're Whole" will not only include "Pumpkins, Smoothies and Cookies", but "Finger Puppets, Saxophones and Fish Tank" and "Tools, Drawing Comics and Spin Class!" Again, that's all on Adult Swim! 4am!
Order Now! (Or really, order later, since all orders have been halted due to a pending criminal investigation.)

Watch now!

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