Friday, September 2, 2011

Community: "We're Gonna Be Less Weird...

....and be more fun than the first two years combined!"

Sounds good! I do love weird. But with low ratings, I hope they find a bigger audience by cooling off on the gimmicks. As much as I adore this cast and the off the wall humor, the show veers off into the stratosphere with Tarrantino laced paint ball episodes and Claymation whismsies. Comedy fans will hate me for saying this - but 22 minutes of odd ball themed episodes disconnects me from the characters. It's the reason why Rob Corddry will not extend Childrens' Hospital beyond 11 minutes per episode despite fans crying for a full half hour show. You can only take kooky for so long.

But, the promos looks amazing, and I love the addition of John Goodman.

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