Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Betty White Should Host SNL

Various mega blogs like The Huffington Post and Gawker are reporting and supporting the grassroots effort to get the wonderful Betty White on Saturday Night Live as guest host. Facebook has a fan group that's growing everyday with votes, and the momentum to get White in front of that SNL camera is one that can't be ignored.

After 35 years on air, why hasn't Betty been on this show yet? After sitting (and at times avoiding) some recent guest host stints that resemble the cast list of Twilight or a Disney teen fest, why hasn't the terrifically acerbic, sweet like vinegar White been asked? At 88 years old, this lady hasn't lost one bit irony and wit. Her zingers are juicy. Her timing is impeccable. Her sense of humor is current in that it captures that "thinking on top of one's intelligence" brand of comedy, producing clever quips that are fresh.

I met Betty White years ago during an NBC thing, and she was sweet, kind and professional. Seeing a surge in her already esteemed career is refreshing. I'm hoping Lorne Michaels will listen to those internet voices and give that lady a shot.

Her appearance in this Super Bowl Snickers commercial should seal the deal:

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