Monday, October 31, 2011

'The Heart , She Holler"

Happy Halloween! And to those comedy fans who want a taste of their own favorite funny people with a smidge of crazy balls, now is the perfect time to shout about Adult Swim's new weird series The Heart, She Holler, premiering this Sunday November 6th at 12:30am.

The series stars Patton Oswalt as a wild man-child who inherits the town of The Heart, She Holler from his insane father, much to the fuming despair of his freakish sisters played by Kirsten Schaal and Heather Lawless, who each want the town for themselves.

Huffington Post claims the show "sincerely may one of the most bizarre programs ever to air on Adult Swim", strong words indeed, considering the channel airs Childrens' Hospital and NTSC - both surreal comedies that defy logic, continuity and boredom. But holy bath water, this show is a whole lot of nuts.

See for yourself. (Apologies for any commercials).

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