Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: NYC Talk Shows Go On

Hurricane Sandy is battering the New York Metropolitan area, knocking out power, flooding subways and endangering lives as it makes its way up the east coast. That has not deterred some talk show hosts who broadcast from my fair, savaged city. With Manhattan a ghost town, as the rain and winds pound off facades of buildings and make streets into roaring rapids, Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman both taped their shows without audiences. However, Comedy Central wisely decided to play it safe, and has canceled the tapings of The Colbert Report and The Daily Show for the next few days.

I'm a bit concerned about the staff who had to make their way into the production office when everyone was urged by the Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Andrew Cuomo to stay at home. Indeed, comedy waits for no one - not even a hurricane named Sandy.

Here's a sampling of what we'll see tonight: Audience-less comedy. Hopefully everyone on staff of both shows made it home safely.

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