Monday, July 25, 2011

Looking Ahead to Fall Season 2011-2012

Slowly but surely I'm getting on board with the new fall season. One show I'm looking forward to is 2 Broke Girls on CBS. Starring Cat Dennings and Beth Behrs as two waitresses, one working class, the other upper class and down on her luck, it was created by Sex and the City's Michael Patrick King and comedian and Co-Executive Producer Whitney Cummings. There is an edge to this three camera comedy that seems to fit the vibe of CBS' Monday night lineup. It will follow another three camera sitcom How I Met Your Mother. This show was also a hot commodity, having been the subject of a bidding war won out by the CBS.

Cummings also had her own sitcom picked up by NBC - Whitney. As per the NBC Fall previews there is a lot of "Oh, that Whitney!", and "What will Whitney do now?" and "Oh kooky Whitney always stealing the thunder - even in a wedding!" Your mileage may vary, but it feels like the show is bringing comedy back 30 years...and not in M.A.S.H or All in the Family way.

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