Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Hunk of 'Burning Love'

Imagine a television universe where ABC-TV's  The Bachelor meets Adult Swim's Childrens' Hospital. Here in this land of the weird and beautifully stupid, a sexy, clueless bachelor is given a harem of desperate, fame-whore hungry women to deduce and eliminate until he selects one as his bride. That's what has provided in its new original series Burning Love, a brilliant spoof on the popular Bachelor, with the satirical brains behind Childrens' fueling the comedy.

Executive Produced by Ken Marino and written by Erica Oyama, Burning Love vigorously turns over the slimy rocks of competitive reality television to not only reveal the ridiculous behavior that lurks within the minds of contestants with daddy issues, but also the shallowness of the men who are selected to be the bachelor in this reality show premise.

Marino is Mark Orlando, a hot firefighter with singed wood for brains. Michael Ian Black is host, and maintains the only sane mind in the lot as he mediates between Orlando and this line up of oddities and dysfunction portrayed by some of real life's most smartest, most beautiful and funniest ladies in the comedy hemisphere.

 Malin Akerman is Willow, a homeless lady whose is thrilled to be part of the show because she just wants to go inside a building - any building. Natasha Leggero portrays Haley, a salon hair washer who is so horny she is in a constant state of full commando - and by that - I mean her lady parts are on constant display for the world to see. Deanne Russo, June Diane Raphael, Kristen Bell are also included in this bizarre crew, along side a very pregnant lady (Morgan Walsh who was really very pregnant), a very blind lady and a very old lady. Oh, and Jennifer Aniston shows up in some kind of furry fetish disguise. has recently entered into the wonderful world of original content comedy with streaming stand up exclusive to the site such as Bill Maher's Crazy Stupid Politics and various comedy shorts. Burning Love is getting a lot of love on the internet, and it's worth checking out. In fact, if you're a Party Down/Childrens' Hospital fan, it's your duty.

Go to their site and check out the Burning Love page to see all three episodes at - episode 4 drops tomorrow, June 11th.

Here's a look at episode one:

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