Friday, September 21, 2012

Childrens Hospital Webisode of the Day

There was once a time when Childrens' Hospital was a webseries with its own webisodes. In an odd twist,  this Emmy Award winning television series on Adult Swim, with mini-episodes of crazy good fun has spawned webisode extras, which can be seen before each regular episode of the Hospital drama spoof on Thursday nights at midnight. (Word of the day: Episodes)

The lastest webisode asks, "What if Everyone Forgot Each Other's Names?"

The video above is perhaps my favorite of this season's webisodes because I am genuinely bad with names. And it proves that if this neighbor, whose name I cannot remember, ever said "Hey girlfrieeeend" with the same maniacal, frightening evil smirk as he does in this video, I would have nightmares every night of my life.

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