Monday, November 8, 2010

Childrens' Hospital

Ok, so it really wasn't live. I'll admit it. I had a feeling the "LIVE" thing wasn't real, but I wanted to believe. Yet, my life is so busy, that honestly, I can't keep up with the inside jokes my favorite comedians hatch while fooling the crowd. However, I was riding that wave of sort of belief - until the first second after midnight when it dawned on this viewer that it just didn't feel "Live".

Yet, the concept was sort of genius. In essence, the "live" aspect wasn't a lie. Last night's finale "The Sultan's Finger" (or was it them giving it to us?) was pretty much taped "live", not in front of a studio audience, but in a live flow without edits (not to my naked eye). Also, Childrens Hospital's conceit is a send up of various self important (and although good, sometimes ridiculous) hospital dramas like ER, the now classic show that once broadcast an episode live.

So, well done, David Wain and crew. Standing back a bit, I see the big picture, and it totally worked. Plus - it was incredibly hilarious.

In conclusion, I had two revelations last night: 1) I can never EVER get enough of Jon Hamm's funny cameos because he's gorgeous and a solid comedian and 2) Ken Marino is a cutie when he cuts off his finger and is in supreme agony. (Sorry, I have to go all girlie once in a while).

Production on season two of Childrens Hospital will begin in December.

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