Monday, November 29, 2010

Comedy Death Ray X-Mas

The comedians of planet Earth have come together once again to bring some happiness and food on the tables of Los Angeles' less fortunate. For the past several years, comedian Scott Aukerman and various funny people of the alterative comedy scene have banded to together to record an album of hilarious song spoofs, culminating into a video that sends up yet celebrates the music videos of yore. Last year, they recreated Bob Geldolf's "Do They Know It's Christmas?" to amazing results. This year, they've given Quincy Jones and the plethora of 80's talent a nod by unearthing their version of "We Are The World". Of course, an album of funny Christmas tunes sung by Sarah Silverman, Kevin Nealon, Loraine Newman and a boat load of familiar and funny people is also available for purchase at on CD or download at

Proceeds go to LA Food Bank. For further donations, visit

Here's this years video with an introduction by Kurt Russell. "We Are The World".

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