Sunday, November 7, 2010

Semi-Ho - memade with Sandra Lee

Someone reminded me that 70% store bought - 30% fresh cooking maven Sandra Lee of The Food Network is Andrew Cuomo's girlfriend. Make that the new Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo. That means Simple Sandie is the first lady of The Empire State, my home state.

With the holidays down the pike, my thoughts hearken back to Sandra's famous Kwanzaa cake - the most ridiculous and insulting cake ever made. This lump of weird was made with the freshest canned apples and day old bargain sponge cake from Pathmark. And those yummo corn nuts (not "acorns"- not where I live) are so festive, forget they have no place anywhere near that unfortunate pile of ingredients. If you choke on one, just use one of those big ass candles to stick down your throat to dislodge the nut obstruction, or to induce vomiting. Your choice. It's a free country. Cooking is fun!

I wrote something
about the yin and yang of The Food Network, featuring Sandra Lee and Ina Garten - two women on opposite ends of the earth when it comes to food preparation. Ina wins.

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