Monday, November 15, 2010

Happenings Around Los Angeles: Human Giant Reunion and Benson Interruption

The three headed comedy monster known as Human Giant, came together for a reunion at the Cinefamily Theater in Los Angeles last night. Sketches from their MTV series of the same name were screened as creators Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, Aziz Ansari and Jason Woliner hosted with inside stories about the process of producing the show and some juicy tales thrown in for good measure. Sorry... we've been made to adhere to the "cone of silence" - meaning that we will be destroyed and lives of our loved ones will be obliterated if we, the privileged one hundred breathing beings in the venue, even leak out what was uttered by the foursome.

However, I'm going to dish some morsels of interest. When Human Giant hosted a 24 hour marathon in May of 2007 (the concept was - if they received one million hits on their MTV site, they'd be renewed for a season two), it garnered the lowest ratings the cable channel had ever seen since Carson Daly's post 9-11 show. (Although the marathon did rate well with the young boys demographic.) Also, Rob Riggle, one of the guests on the show who played the character of Cliff Clavin (sp?), HG's security guard throughout he live event, got pissing drunk back stage. But after 24 hours of non-stop comedy with friends - can you blame him?

Viewing the sketches on a movie screen with a small crowd was more fun than imagined. I'm used to watching the show at home, alone like a loser, and cackling in my own space. It was a blast to join in and watch my favorite bits, "Let's Go!", "Balloon Cops", "Shutterbugs", and "The Illusionators" with a like minded group and the Human Giant guys themselves laughing along. It reminded me how much fun this show was, and how much we all hope for a season three. Hell, we'd be happy if season two landed on DVD; yet, the probability of that is slim right now. Apparently, MTV wants Human Giant to return for season three, and if they're not able to do this, they are holding the season two DVD hostage. Problem is - these guys are too busy to come together. When not involved in other projects, Paul is finding amazing success on FX's The League, Rob is super funny on the popular Adult Swim's Childrens Hospital plus working on a project for Ben Stiller's Red Hour Films, Aziz is working on NBC's massive hit Parks and Recreation (returning in January) and also writing a film with Jason Woliner. So...season three? You're a dream. Season two DVD? Hope MTV is taking good care of you in captivity because these guys are busy and you might not see daylight for a long time.

Friends and collaborators on Human Giant were in attendance last night. Writer Eric Appel and Nick Kroll were in the house, as well as friends Lake Bell and Doug Benson.

And...speaking of Doug Benson.

The Benson Interruption premiered a few weeks ago on Comedy Central. It airs Fridays at 12midnight and is a fun version of Doug's live show that found a home at LA's Largo until cable came-a-calling. I attended a taping at the Music Box Theater in Hollywood a week ago with Rob Huebel, Eugene Mirman and Mary Lynn Rajskub that's already aired. (I must say - that was fast!)

Although I don't know Doug, whenever I see him perform, it's like hanging with a friend. The admiration between Benson and the performers was and is always palpable. These are some of the funniest people in the biz., and have done the Interruption before, so they knew the flow. (Although Mirman may have been off track with Doug interrupting him). The behind the scenes banter, plus taped retakes were hilarious. Chat about what they can and cannot say on air - which actually did make it on air - punctuated how reigned in the program has to be compared to the live stage show. Yet, trying to skirt around the naughty bits made it even funnier. Still, what you see as the finished, edited product, is fantastic. Watch this show.

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