Thursday, December 9, 2010

NBC is Christmassy Tonight

NBC has put out the Christmas decor for tonight's Holiday lineup. The Office is a must see. Holly Flax is back in town to take over for Toby Flenderson while he's doing long term jury duty. It will be anyone's guess if she's going to leave AJ behind and embark on a life with Michael. There was a time when I'd root for AJ, the new love of Holly's life because he seemed nice. Why not have her move on, right? But now I say - screw him. Here's hoping that Holly and Michael step into the happily ever after and leave that guy behind. Meanwhile, Jim and Dwight are acting like little boys in the backseat of a SUV who won't behave. A snowball fight challenge is on the table. Revenge will be Schrute's. (The Office "Classy Christmas" Tonight. 9pm et/8pm ct.)

30 Rock never disappoints at Christmas time - especially when Jack's mother Colleen pays a visit to her son. Liz Lemon stays put to avoid her once painfully repressed parents who have broken their daughter's fantasy of their perfect marriage and replaced it with tears. Jack is spending Christmas with the make believe voices in his head at NBC, and Tracy is inflicting his good will by doing charity work, which means something funky and weird is going to happen to some people in need. That's my take on it. What really happens is Liz and Avery try to get Jack to confess some secrets to his mom while trying to get Jenna to patch up her break up with Paul, and Tracy tries to block his own firm's release of a song because it "undermines his newly invented persona". Alan Alda, Elaine Stritch and Elizabeth Banks are in the house. This is going to be Christmas-awesome. (30 Rock "Christmas Attack Zone". Tonight. 8:30pm et/7:30pm pt.)

And...Community! This hilarious Joel McHale starring joyful show is entering the land of Claymation tonight. (Community. "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas". 8pm et/7pm ct.)

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