Tuesday, May 24, 2011

'Childrens' Hospital' Will Not Judge You

Ok, so that Judgment Day thing didn't happen last Saturday. But aren't you glad you weren't swooped up to heaven, or left behind to be prodded by the forks of little devils who look like tiny Harold Campings for eternity? For on this wondrous day in the kingdom of comedy, we can rejoice: Childrens' Hospital: Complete First & Second Seasons has been released to the world on DVD. A rainbow of funny episodes stretching back to the original web series will beam before your eyes. There will be ladies kissing, and men groping in closets. People will smoke cigarettes and boogie in the hospital parking lot.

And DVD extras! Oh there will be DVD extras! Rob Coddry interviews himself as Dr. Blake Downs. There's a gag reel and cast commentary and lots of scrubs on scrubs action.

So, spend some personal time with really randy, funny, fake doctors who know how to make comedy pitch perfect.

Get Childrens Hospital: Complete First and Second Seasons at Amazon - or you favorite store - online or mortar.

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