Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Slaughter at Fox

The hammer came down last night at Fox. With Upfronts fast approaching, the network made some harsh decisions for the 2011-2012 season. Breaking In, The Chicago Code, Human Target and Traffic Light were all cancelled, and Hollywood is reeling a bit from the blow. That's a lot of shows to be shown the door all at once.

Personally, I'm sorry Traffic Light was let go. The romantic couple trend prevalent in this past television season (Perfect Couples, Mad Love) provided sappy, sitcomy fare that either went nowhere (NBC's 'Couples'), or stayed on the schedule ('Mad Love') because Charlie Sheen did a bender. (*Update: Mad Love was canceled by CBS since this was posted. Amen.)

The new mid-season ABC comedy Happy Endings has provided a bunch of lovebirds I actually do not hate. It's fresh, funny, sharply written. The cast is well placed, with Adam Pally playing the hilarious and non-stereotypical gay bro, while Casey Wilson has found her comedic voice as the goofy love-lorn friend. However, Traffic Light stood out for me. Indeed, it was not without flaws. The bromance friendships were a little annoying, and Aya Cash's character Callie was unlikable. Yet, being an Office fan from day one, I was rooting for David Denman to land on a hit show. So, this news is disappointing.

Two pilots I've been on the look-out for, Family Album and Little in Common are still in wait and see mode. As per Deadline Hollywood Daily it's likely the shows could be mid-season replacements, or are being held aside for a family themed line up one day.

Also, Zoey Deschannel fans, and I am one, keep your eyes open for The New Girl. It's been picked up for series, and could be fun.

Thankfully, the television overlords at Fox have spared Raising Hope from the harsh chop of the axe. It will be back next season, and those dysfunctional grandparents can continue their lovely quirky lives once again. Believe me, when Maw Maw (Cloris Leachman) is in her non-lucid state, anything could happen.

Now if only Fox could pick up Family Album so I can watch Mike O'Malley, Rob Huebel and Rachael Harris on vacation in perpetuity.

You can read the blow-by-blow account of Fox's decisions at: Deadline Hollywood Daily

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