Friday, May 13, 2011

'Happy Endings' Emptied Out The UCB

ABC-TV's Happy Endings went ape shit crazy with Upright Citizen Brigade residents on Wednesday night. Of course, their talents and projects go beyond the UCB; however, my association with these guys are from the funny, intimate shows in which they participate at the little theater on Franklin Avenue, Hollywood or West 26th Street, NYC. It's meaningful to me. That's why I'm inspired to write about them here. Constantly.

So, you can imagine, with ABC broadcasting back to back episodes of this new comedy that already stars UCB alumni Casey Wilson and Adam Pally, I was pretty psyched to see other members of the theatre. Within one hour, the following UCB'ers appeared:

The funny Billy Merritt.

From Comedy Band "Don't Stop Or We'll Die"...Michael Cassady.*

Brian Huskey - who has also appeared on this blog's ultimate favorite Childrens Hospital on Adult Swim.

Seth Morris, as a concerned citizen, portraying a character that feels very close to his Bob Ducca incarnation - which you can see at UCB.

Rob Huebel, who portrayed another version of the 40 year old life guard I dated back in 2005. If only there was a scene where he takes Casey out on a date to the movies and buys a senior citizen ticket to save money...

(*Update: I plum forgot about Michael Cassady, who was in it so quick you'd miss him if you sneezed. Just added). If there were other UCB people whom I didn't mention...sorry. I may have been hitting the wine hard that night.

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