Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Attention Staff: It's Saturday...and It's NOT Alright For Fighting"...

A boy arrives in a trough of quicksand in the middle of a Saturday - the day our heroes of the ER are off living their super human hero lives. Only one doctor can perform a life saving procedure to release the boy, but obstacles get in her way. Can Lola get to Childrens' to save little Scott before his organs get crushed? Or will he meet a certain sandy death when she's delayed while stopping for gas? Find out tonight at midnight on Childrens' Hospital's season 3 premiere episode "Run, Dr. Lola Spratt, Run!"

Don't just set your DVR - drink loads of caffeine and stay up to watch live, and follow @robcorddry (#ChildrensHospital) and cast as they live Tweet the hell out of this show.

Also - check out some cool press and video interviews with cast down here....

'Childrens' Hospital' Noteworthy PR: - Interviews with Cast - Childrens' Hospital is Back: Rob Corddry Offers Five Teases for Season 3 - A Few Minutes with the Cast of Childrens' Hospital - A Day on the Childrens' Hospital Set with Power Hungry Henry Winkler - 'Childrens' Hospital' Season 3 Will Feature Big Developments for Rob Huebel - Childrens Hospital Returns This Week to Adult Swim - 'E.R' The Way It Should Have Been 'Childrens' Hospital' Adult Swim Website. - The Bin Laden Joke You Won't See

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Sneak Peek: Blake Seeks Shelter at Valerie's Place

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