Monday, June 27, 2011

Mob Wives: Lazy Summer Monday Comment

See this screenshot above, taken from the big fight scene during the season finale of VH1's Mob Wives? That's all you need to know about this show. That's why I actually love it. The love. The history. The hate. The pitbull anger and growling of these women when they are pushed too far. It's a rage bubbling from the fallout of loving and being bred by mobsters. This show feeds on the festering old wounds of the wives' past. It's a bit overdone, heightening old tensions that really don't need to be prodded (such as an old love triangle involving Drita D'avanzo and Karen Gravano), but these ladies are fascinating to me.

Rene Graziano is my favorite because she kicks ass - and you can see her ass living inside her Spanx as her ass tries to break up a fight between Drita and Karen.

Mob Wives on VH1

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