Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nick Kroll Sketch Show Picked Up

Comedy Central has just picked up Nick Kroll's latest project -The Nick Show Kroll. It will be a sketch comedy produced and written by Kroll. John Levenstein and Jonathan Krisel will co-write the series.

If you only know Nick Kroll from the comedy The League, you don't know Kroll. Although funny on the FX series, Nick has a bag of funny outrageous characters that will blow you away. From the sound of it, he'll be giving us his hilarious Bobby Bottleservice. And can I hope for a little Fabrice Fabrice?

Also picked up alongside Kroll's show is a comedy starring Keegan-Michael Key, whom you might remember from Mad TV. I recently spotted him in an episode of Childrens' Hospital, so seeing more of his comedy is always a good thing.

More here: DeadlineHollywoodDaily.com

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