Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Childrens' Hospital Renewed for Season 4

Adult Swim has renewed the Childrens' Hospital for a fourth season. Not a surprise since it's an insanely good show that has killed in the ratings, bringing in viewers within television's sweet spot - 18-49 year olds (and people of other age groups and sizes) who crave good comedy. Production will begin later this year, and the show will air in 2012, sending creator and star Rob Corddry, plus executive producers Jonathan Stern and David Wain back to work with their cast of regulars.

"I'm very pleased and honored by this announcement," said Corddry. "I'm also very surprised, given that I write this when I'm very, very drunk. Season four promises to be a cry for help."

"And people wonder why our economy is a mess," said Stern.

Source: FutonCritic.com

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