Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Spot the Mole

As Childrens' Hospital builds into a popular fringe comedy, gags are developing into fun, must see moments. Whether it's Cat's desire to perfect the perfect impersonation of a Puerto Rican woman, Michael Cera as the voice over the PA, or Nurse Dori walking around thinking she's really fat when she's really 8 months pregnant, this show fits in little "easter eggs" of fun filled details that only idiots like me notice.

Megan Mullally, who plays Chief, began the series during its webisode days as the lovely looking handicapped head of Childrens' ER. The day that Mullally found a man's wig in a shop on Hollywood Boulevard was the day Chief would evolve from lovely Mullally-like beauty, into an attractive short haired bridge troll.

Now, through the magic of show biz makeup, Chief has a new friend. A mole. It started on her forehead a few weeks ago....
...and it has now traveled to her cheek....

Where will it travel next? Will it evolve into a mustache? A goatee? Or will it find it's mojo, get bigger, catch charisma and have it's own TV show?

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