Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eddie Pepitone is 'The Bitter Buddha'

Comedian Eddie Pepitone has been a favorite of mine since I first saw him on Last Comic Standing several years back. After a bout of competition, he was eliminated and mercifully extracted from the silly reality show that eventually went on to see a younger no-name win the grand prize - whatever the hell that was.

Eddie is like a grizzled New Yorker who came right out of Central Casting. He's angry. He's got a big mouth. He's pissed off at society, corporations and assholes at Starbucks. He's constantly trying to temper his anger by delving into the zen of life. He reads up on spirituality. He's an animal lover who feeds squirrels. His weight a constant struggle, he's always on a diet - cutting out flour, sugar, meat, diary, trying to be vegetarian, trying to be vegan. Comedians bow before his loud mouth, angst ridden self to gain wisdom, advice and solace. He's know as "The Bitter Buddha", whether on stage, back stage, or joining his fellow podcasters on the weekly The Longshot Podcast.

Much to Eddie's surprise, last year a documentary crew approached him about making a fly-on-the-wall documentary on his life. It looks like it's about ready to come out of the oven, and is appropriately entitled The Bitter Buddha. The trailer alone shows a fascinating glimpse into his world of comedy and the comedians who worship him.

Keep track of the film's progress and whereabouts on The Bitter Buddha (Documentary) Facebook page.

Also, check out Eddie's hilarious web series online. Puddin' is a series of absurd comedy shorts that are lovely morsels of insanity. And you'll never know who'll show up. Check them out on Eddie's page or on YouTube and laugh your guts out.

Here's one featuring Patton Oswalt.

And here's a fun UCB comedy short featuring Eddie.

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