Monday, March 5, 2012

Lindsay Makes it Through

The results are in on Lindsay Lohan's appearance on Saturday Night Live, her first legit appearance on television since the law came down on her. Although reviews weren't that great, the ratings were extreme good, and it was reported on The Today Show that Lohan was a real pro all week by coming to work on time,  being very present while there, and thanking everyone personally at the SNL after party - where she did not drink, by the way.

Although some of her performance was a bit shakey, I think we couldn't have asked Lindsay for more. Her acting muscles are a little underused, and the fact she was so eager to be back on the SNL stage was a positive. She had some fun moments, as proven in the Real Housewives of Disney video below.

It's been hard not to know the troubled waters in which Lohan has placed herself. However, we all love a good come back story, and here's hoping Lindsay does a Robert Downey Jr, and finds the path to a clean life and a prosperous career.

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