Monday, May 17, 2010

NBC Upfronts Today: The Comedy Continues?

The NBC Upfronts are happening right now, today, at the moment of this writing. The Hilton Hotel ballroom is humming with Ad executives and programmers trying to convince the media that they have a line up that will knock the affiliate's socks off, bring tears of joy to advertisers and make all that bad Jay Leno/Conan O'Brien press seem like it was all a horrid dream after a hefty Mexican meal.

Being more interested in their comedy line up on Thursday night this coming Fall, it's a less than thrilling ride down the peacock path for this blogger. Happiness comes in the very funny 'Community' keeping its 8pm timeslot (NBC just ordered six more episodes). '30 Rock' moves to 8:30pm. 'The Office' will continue to gasp and cough along at 9pm. But there is sadness in the form of 'Parks and Recreation' being pushed to mid-season to make room for new laffer 'Outsourced', followed by the dreary 'Love Bites' - because outsourcing American jobs to India is hilarious, and on the flip side of that hour, you cannot get enough of hot women on the prowl since MTV and VH1 have not been able to fulfill that need. Thanks for more of that, NBC.

On the drama front, we've all heard that the original flavor of 'Law and Order' has been canceled, yet the other L&O's - 'Los Angeles' and 'SVU' - will be on the schedule on Wednesday nights.

'Chuck' continues to live on Monday nights at 8pm. Watch as Zach Levi continues to morph from a regular nerdy Joe to gorgeous hunky hero. Move over John Krasinsky. Another once floppish, regular cute dude is gestating into a commercially approved GQ model and overtaking your turf.

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