Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rashida Likes Stuffin' - The Turkey Kind...

Parks and Recreation is awesome, everybody. It gets better each week, funnier, cooler, solid. Not only is Amy Poehler soaring in her role as Leslie Knope, but the whole cast has gelled, making the show a hilarious ensemble sitcom.

I've been cheering for Rashida Jones to luck out with a great show since Karen Filipelli was dumped like a sack of left over cold cuts near an NYC fountain by Jim a few years ago on The Office. She now portrays Ann, a nurse, and best friend of Leslie, who has two dudes who dig her. Yeah. TWO! Take that Halpert. Jones totally scored in a great role.

Rashida can also sing and is a great sport. Here's a little ditty she sang about her favorite Thanksgiving food on Jimmy Fallon last week.

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