Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - Don't Let the Door Hit You On the Way Out

I was watching a re-run of The Bonnie Hunt Show today. This is a rarity for me because I stopped watching it a while ago. Hunt is a funny, fantastic lady, but her chats about reality show stars and what happened on The Hills or The Bachelor just left me bored. So, off it went from my DVR recording schedule. (Update: Sadly, it's been canceled.)

However, the one thing I find common ground with Bonnie (besides her being funny) is her love for dogs. Today she showed a feel good video of the day: A soldier back from Iraq being welcomed home by his pooch.

As crappy 2009 leaves to buy a pack of cigarettes and a loaf of bread, here's an uplifting moment:

Here's hoping 2010 is much better to mankind and animals everywhere.

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