Friday, October 12, 2012

Tom Lennon on AOTS

At one point while living here in Los Angeles, both Rob Huebel and Tom Lennon were my neighbors at the same time. The proximity of Huebel's house to Lennon's was so close, their friendship must have blown up into a magnetic force bringing them together in a professional, unshakable bond, so much so, I don't think Huebel told Lennon that he has moved. Furthermore, it seems there is hardly a movie they've done in which they were not both cast: Hell Baby, What to Expect When You're Expecting, Welcome to the Jungle, plus 2009's I Love You Man.

In addition to this, Lennon is a semi-regular guest at Rob's The Shit Show, a get together of comedians, friends and actors who take the stage at the UCBLA to show the audience videos of  past projects that are so embarrassing (to them), it makes their gonads shrivel.   (Seriously. Some are so bad, they're fantastic.)  So, from where I'm sitting, Huebel and Lennon are conjoined at the hip. (Sorry Paul Scheer, Rob's usual comedy partner.)

Huebel has been guest hosting on G4's Attack of the Show this week, and invited Lennon to Bro out with him. At this point, seeing the both of them together is just a natural vision, a force of nature.

The Smith's 'Meat is Murder' shirt duly noted.

As for The Shit Show - Lennon is the undisputed winner of embarrassing past projects, especially those of his youth back in Chicago. The corporate video he shows in the clip above was one of the clips once viewed at Rob's shit fest.

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