Monday, June 29, 2009

Sid and Marty Krofft: My 1970's Childhood in LSD Color

The death of Michael Jackson got me all teary eyed for the Jackson Five. Then, it made me think of their 1970's animated Saturday morning kids show, which in turn got me all nostalgic for the television of my kiddie-hood.There was no Nickelodeon and Disney Channel back then. My generation was raised on good, wholesome drug induced dreams, peyote visions born out of a VW bus, and images inspired by living on the bong. No producer captured this state of mind better than Sid and Marty Krofft, who turned it over for the kids to enjoy. Thank you!

Time to cruise YouTube.

The Banana Splits.
There was a lot of psychedelia leaking over from the 60's. It must have taken a pound of cocaine just to muster the will to get into those costumes. Sid and Marty gave us an explosion of every drug dream they've ever had...although they've denied ever being on drugs.

Sigmund and the Sea Monster. The Krofft brothers were on a roll. I mean, what the hell was this? A sea monster with actor Billy Barty sweating it up in that costume, and the kid from Family Affair? This clip shows the opening and closing credits, noting that Rip Taylor was a guest star. My quest is to find this episode in its entirety because Rip Taylor in a green fairy suit + throwing green sparkly confetti on a weird children's show = MUST SEE THIS NOW.

Land of the Lost: The REAL one. Just look at those effects. That earthquake is so realistic, and you can feel the anger of the dinosaurs and the weight of those Styrofoam rocks falling on the Marshall family as the wall to the past sucks them in. Yeah, the effects were crap. The Sleestaks were my favorite though. I love Will Farrell, but TV wins out here.

I was going to post a clip from HR Puffnstuff, another show from the Krofft brothers, but it's so horribly bad...I'd rather show this parody from Mr. Show. Now when I close my eyes, I can see Bob Odenkirk's yellow body suit behind of my eye lids. Freaking hilarious.

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