Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Funny Girls

Dare I say, comedy has its boy's club? Well, it kind of does. I love the boys, but the girls have some funny chops as well.

One of my favorite female comedy mavens is French and Saunders, a comedy duo that has been producing a sketch/movie parody show of the same name on the BBC for over twenty years now. It can run the gamut of film spoofs, celebrity imitations and random skits that satirize everyday life, or even themselves. Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders are also the creators (and in Saunders' case, star) of the BBC hit Absolutely Fabulous. I worship them.

Here's a bit - which of course, doesn't fit in this blog. Thanks for widening the video, YouTube.

Liz Cackowski stars in The Jeannie Tate Show, available online. Not sure if she's doing more, but this series of a obnoxious Soccer Mom who conducts a talk show from her van, with her boys and pissy teenage step daughter in the back seat, is really funny. She's had guests such as Bill Hader and Rashida Jones. Here's the incredible Rob Riggle.

Also from the UK, here's Catherine Tate who stars in The Catherine Tate Show. She's truly an amazing performer who loses herself with each character. You can watch an array of her characters on YouTube, but this is my favorite. Here's Nan.

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