Monday, June 15, 2009

Lakers Win and Los Angeles Under Lock Down..Sort of..

Los Angeles. City of Angels. Home of the stars. Town of the Lakers, now champions in some big, fancy basketball competition my baseball brain can't absorb. I've been spending an extended weekend in West Hollywood, a trip that seems to have coincided with a massive Laker win that has set the town on its side. Screams and honking horns from Sunset leaked through my windows. My television set to non-stop television reporters going nuts with delight over being in the midst of a possible war zone in east L.A and the Staples Center. Funny how snagging a championship seems to flip the asshole switch in rabid fans from 0 to 20. Not all fans. Most celebrated like adults happy to see their team win it all, but some other factions of fandom have gone nuts, where celebration spiraled into inexplicable, vicious tribal anger. Is it bravado? Maybe it's the bad economy. What else do people have to cling to these days? Besides, those buses and cars aren't going to get turned over and set fire to themselves.

Here's a clip from KTLA.

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