Monday, January 4, 2010

Jessi Klein

Photo courtesy of Seth Olenick

If you ever saw David's Spade's The Showbiz Show on Comedy Central a few years back, you'll probably remember Jessi Klein as one of his funny entertainment correspondents. She also lent her funny talent on VH1's Best Week Ever. Flash forward (and somewhat back) to last year's Michael and Michael Have Issues, and you might recall her as the goofy nerd producer who couldn't get laid, but when she did, the Michaels made sure everyone knew about the sordid details. Not only did Klein appear as a character on Showalter's and Black's comedy, she wrote some of that funny stuff as well.

When it was announced on November 30th that Klein was to join the writing team at Saturday Night Live, I did a proverbial jump for joy. They gained a great talent and another female writer on staff to infuse more energy into the material. It's been well documented that the boys out number the girls in the writer's room of talk shows in New York and LA. So it was nice to know a funny stand up, writer and performer such as Klein was added to the team on the 17th Floor. Yeah...girl power. I'm not going to deny it's cool she's representing.

Klein has been a contributing writer on The Daily Beast, and has a non-blog blog that has appeared to have withered on the vine a bit, yet still funny to read.

Here's a clip from her day's on The Showbiz Show. Speaking of girl power...

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