Monday, January 11, 2010

Conan Deserves Better

Is there any way to reverse this video where he's running back to New York?

As reported, it was confirmed by NBC's Jeff Gaspin at the Television Critics Association NBC press conference yesterday that The Jay Leno Show at 10pm has indeed been canceled. Jay will get an 11:35pm timeslot, shortening his show to 30 minutes, thus pushing Conan to 12:05am. This does not really make it a "Tonight Show", but more of an after midnight talk show hosted by a guy that NBC loves to screw. And Jimmy? Sadly, he's being left to whither out there in the land of paid programming and infomercials, just when he was gaining some well deserved recognition.

The word is that Conan is not very pleased, and hasn't officially accepted this new line up.

It's this blog's hope that he keeps NBC's loins roasting slowly over the fire pit until he finds a better option. Not only does he have to deal with the reality that he's NBC's late night "stepchild" (as it's been bandied about), but he now has to make a decision on behalf of a whole staff of people who have changed their lives to work on a program that's being treated like a temporary place marker.

I'm just a fan, but I do have a wish. I want Conan to walk. I want him to get a good deal from Fox, negotiate raises for his staff and have total control of his time period, much like Johnny Carson and David Letterman have done. If he moves back to New York, all the better. But, since he's made it out to LA, he should stay there.

He's worked too hard, done so much for late night comedy over the years, been promised too much for it all to tossed over for Leno, strictly for the bottom line.

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