Monday, June 14, 2010

Breaking Bad Blows Your Mind and Gets Renewed

Riveting, jaw dropping, exhilarating, Breaking Bad has proven time and time again, especially in season three, that it's probably the best drama on television today. That includes pushing the wonderful Mad Men aside.

It's a psychological roller coaster ride into the darkness of drug dealing and morality. Breaking Bad startles viewers at every turn. Yet each and every time the devil incarnate appears in Walt's life and holds his head under its thumb - whether it be Tucco or Gus - Walt is one bloody step ahead of their game, wiggling his way out of traps and certain death like a rat.

His father-son bond with Jesse plays a sinister role in his moral make up. Walt has a two faced way of protecting him, while at the same time, throwing Jesse under the bus, making him road kill. All the while, Walt makes Jesse a killer, a meth cook, and a criminal despite the kid wanting out.

The good news came after the last scene aired on Sunday night: AMC is renewing Breaking Bad for a fourth season. And the sky is blue. Of course it's renewed. It's too good to to have it end as it did last night. There is more story to tell, more blood to be shed, more souls to be corrupted. AMC is building a brand of original programming that is paving new roads in scripted television, and Breaking Bad is one of the jewels in the crown.

So, we'll have about another year to wait until Walter returns to cook again. It'll be a long haul, but worth the wait.

Read Joel Keller's take on Breaking Bad over at TV Squad. My views are pretty similar to his. His discussion on the series hits all buttons.

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