Thursday, June 24, 2010

Party Down Season Finale

There's no doubt about Party Down's buzz among comedy television nerds. This show is pretty sensational. Season two has already passed by in a flash, and here we are - on the cusp of the season finale. The beauty of this is that Constance is back! She was the kooky, crazy actress whose time with the Party Down catering crew was cut way too short when the marvelous actress Jane Lynch took up with the cast of Glee. Seeing her is a sight for sore eyes - sore, happy eyes because despite her leaving, she was replaced by Jennifer Coolidge and Megan Mullally who proved that the transient nature of the members of a catering crew can continue on in fictional way and still be hilarious. Nevertheless, seeing Lynch return is a lovely site.

Watch Party Down on Friday night on Starz at 10am or view it on Netflix.

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