Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Conan at Radio City

Photo courtesy of Getty Images via WireImage

New York City welcomed back Conan O'Brien last night at a sold out Radio City Music Hall. Surprise guests were a comedy wet dream come true: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert fighting it out in a dance off against the gangly one. Texas Walker Ranger's lever was pulled by John Krasinski, Paul Rudd, Bill Hader . Vampire Weekend stopped by for a number with Conan sharing guitar credits. Andy Ritcher played the buddy side kick like the good friend he is. The band rocked as LaBamba came on stage singing a Curtis Mayfield number, holding notes in long lung combusting time. Musical weirdo funny man Reggie Watts opened up the show with self created boom boxed songs with lyrics singing of his girlfriend's big ass pocketbook.

It was an amazing homecoming for O'Brien, who was humble, a bit angry, self deprecating and hilarious. Next stop for Conan is Boston where the real welcome home will be regaled upon him. However, last night felt like an old friend was back in town. An old beleaguered friend who had a dream crushed publicly and is showing how his resilience will get him through.

I couldn't get a good read on my Flip from where I was sitting, so thanks to all the tech savvy people with steady hands who shot these clips:




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