Friday, April 1, 2011

Figwit's Return to the Big Screen

Flight of the Conchords fans will recall that actor/comedian/musician Brett McKenzie appeared in a fleeting role in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films as a nameless council elf. His claim to fame was to beseech Lady Arwen to get the lead out, so to speak ("Lady Arwen, we cannot delay!"). Fans of the unknown elf character coined him 'Fitwig' which stands for "Frodo is great..who is that?" and the cult following grew from there.

It's been reported that Brett McKenzie will most likely be back as the elf in Jackson's upcoming and long awaited project The Hobbit. (Source: has posted the announcement with a clip from season one Flight of the Conchords - "Frodo, Don't Wear the Ring". I couldn't resist to follow suit because it's one of the most awesome moments in comedy with Eugene Mirman, Rhys Darby, Arj Barker and Kristen Schaal at their amazing best.

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