Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Character Actor of the Day: David Anthony Higgins

CBS' Mike & Molly makes me happy. I've said it before, and I'll repeat: I like Billy Gardell and the adorable Melissa McCarthy as the Chicago love birds. Yeah, yeah, yeah...the show can be formulaic, slightly predictable, and...oh dear...three camera. But I enjoy these characters and the ensemble built around them. Especially last night, when a guest character emerged in a scene at Wrigley Field who may have stolen the show.

Character actor David Anthony Higgins guest starred in last night's episode "Opening Day" as Harry, the baseball fan who, in my opinion, killed. Higgins is part of the"that guy...where have I seen him" club. He had a recurring role on Malcolm in the Middle (as Lois' on the job drug store manager), Talk Radio and most recently Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush. Go to imbd.com. Look at his credits.You've seen him.

Guys like Higgins deserve some recognition. I hope he's back on Mike & Molly soon.

Unfortunately, the best moments with Higgins from last night's show are not available for embedding, but here's a clip of the final scene that may give you a glimpse into what Mike, Molly and their friend Carl encountered at the ballpark. And believe me, if you're a baseball fan and go to games, you've encountered a Harry. (Update. Sorry looks like CBS took down the video I embedded when I originally posted this.)

David Higgins also starred in a stage show with comedic actor David "Gruber" Allen (to whom fans of Paul F.Tompkins' monthly show at Largo in Los Angeles will be largely familiar), and Late Night with Fallon's Steve Higgins. This is super funny.

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