Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July! 'Big Ange' Is Coming!

July 4th might be a day of celebration, but in my house July 8th is cause for drinking and lighting sparklers. For that day marks the premiere of Big Ange on VH1.

If you've ever watched Mob Wives, you know about its biggest (and I mean biggest) breakout star 'Big Ange' Raiola. This lady is hilarious, genuine, loyal to friends and wiseguys alike. But most of all, Ange, manager of Staten Island's The Drunken Monkey, loves to party!

The pick up of Ange's show is not a surprise. The multiple hits this blog has received when discussing the lady proves there are fans-a-plenty fascinated by this outrageous and hilarious wiseguy companion. Why? Ange has a checkered past, but harbors no ill will, no judgement and holds lots of love for life and the people around her. And yeah, she has a look that is incredible to believe. What I'm trying to say is - she has big boobs and looks that makes one pause for double takes. She's awesome pulled up in a GGGG bra. Go Ange!

Big Ange premieres on VH1 July 8th. Check it out!

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