Sunday, September 21, 2008

60th Annual Emmy Awards Tonight!

The Emmy awards are tonight!  The red carpet, the gowns, the tuxedos and shiny shoes.  My head is spinning with the luvvie-ness of it all.  Personally, I tend to view the Emmy awards as a grand night, but since some of the same old shows seem to get re-nominated, I wonder if the members of the academy are actually watching television.  "Entourage" really wasn't special last season, and "Two and a Half Men", while funny, doesn't beat "30 Rock" or "The Office" (which has taken a dip in storyline believability last season).  

My money is on "Mad Men" sweeping  the awards across the category board, and "30 Rock" leaving the ceremony towing crates of statues from the Nokia Theater.  This may be my first foray into blogging on the awards as they happen.

It's all on tonight...

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