Monday, September 8, 2008

Mad Men and Englishmen

The second season of "Mad Men" has been underway for weeks now, and the mysterious world of Don Drapper is beginning to open itself like a dirty, soiled flower ready for weeding. Man, this is getting good. Since I'm beginning this blog a bit late in the season, there is no point in recapping stories that can be found on Television without Pity, or AMC; however, the stories thickens has the ever hateful, yet pretty damn honest Jimmy the comedian who selling UTZ and just bagged a television show, throws down the gauntlet of reality with the ever dainty Mrs. Drapper and the always dapper yet deer-in-the-headlines Donny D facing the deed of what he's done with Mrs. Jimmy. Oh how the mightly hath fallen, and how the former Rick Whitman keeps rearing his blood stained head into the ever clean Cadillac of Don's dreams, now filled with the puke of despair.

Sal breaks my heart. Forever shut in the closet forced by society's mores of the day, he's living a lie, dreaming of Ken Cosgrove and trying not to be a heel to Kitty. Hand in there Sal. Stonewall is about 8 years away. You shall be free! And Kitty - hook up with Ken. He loves a pretty face and a nice home cooked meal.

The Office:
Season Premiere is titled: "Weight Loss", and the websites and bloggers are feverishly typing their little fingers off at the prospect of our "Don't Call Me Pam" Fancy New Beasly going all hipster on Jim and ditching her sweet little town blues, which we hope won't melt away. The short of this episode is - The Dunder Mifflin Crew are going to enter into a branch weight loss competition, and if Michael Scott is in charge, there will be plenty of starving, exercise challenges a-la- Celebrity Fit Club, and some scenes of Kelly starving herself. If the NBC promotional photos say anything, the dark circles under our very own Kelly Kapour show that this girl knows how to diet.

Jenna Fischer reported in her blog that Stephen Merchant will be directing the episode they are shooting this week. It will be a Halloween episode. Stephen Merchant is a co-creator of The Office, along with Ricky Gervais. He is very tall and very talented. That's the Englishman part of this blog.

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