Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NBC's New Medical Drama: Mercy

I can't remember the last time a television promo made me so mad. Wait - yes I do. The day I clapped eyes on previews for Grey's Anatomy and its' sister show Private Practice which tumbled out of the belly of ABC network executives when they saw dollar signs around Kate Walsh's face. (No offense to Kate Walsh.)

The latest fare from the failing NBC network has me fit to be tied up and dragged into a padded basement. I will say that no, I have not seen the pilot for Mercy. I hate to judge by the trailer above, but one can't help it - it's supposed to entice us to watch. Yet, it's obvious: This is a Nurse Jackie rip off with hideous character archetype contrivances, a seemingly hateful lead character that no one is going to give a fuck about and a bevvy of sexy broads who look like they can't even load a dishwasher much less insert an IV needle. If this is just a night time soap opera a-la Desperate Housewives with tongue firmly sticking in cheek - then, ok - I'll buy it. But if this is supposed to be a straight forward drama? Oh God no.

Why am I so pissed? Because I grew up on medical dramas. Emergency, St. Elsewhere, even old crotchety re-runs of Dr. Welby MD kept me riveted. They were smart, interesting, uncomplicated, funny and had some likeable people. ER was a great show, but you can only have so many bombs going off in the lobby, hijackings and hellicopters crashing into the roof of the same hospital to keep the realism flowing. Now we have Greys, Practice - shows I can't even comment on because they look so boring to me - and Mercy.

Really NBC? Really? There are no ideas out there?

This is why terrific comedies like's Children's Hospital are made. When medical dramas become stupid and self important, it's time to take them down a notch with comedy.

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