Wednesday, January 4, 2012

'Big Ange'

Mob Wives premiered on VH1 last week. So much agita! Renee almost died when her stitches popped after getting a drastic body lift and Drita almost killed the vicious Karen at a party. But I've found my favorite housewife of all.

Meet 'Big Ange' Raiola. I already adore her. She's like every New Jersey housewife and Good Fellas lady cast rolled into one big mega wife. She's the Island queen - the Island of Staten, that is. She's like fellow Mob wife Renee Graziano with more boobs and botox. Ange seems to be the wise woman of the mob femme fetales, the soothsayer to the enraged gangster wife with foaming rabid dogs on the brain and vendetta in her heart. I don't know what she's seen, done, heard or where she buried the bodies. I don't want to. She's here and she likes to par-tay!

VH1? More 'Big Ange' please. Because this is reality show love.

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