Friday, January 20, 2012

Vote For Leslie Knope!

Last night on Parks and Recreation, the very dishy and funny Mr. Paul Rudd premiered as Bobby Newport, Leslie Knope's opponent for City Council of Pawnee. He's an empty headed rich boy, who, on the silver platter of life, had the world handed to him while sucking on a silver spoon. Leslie, on the other hand, has worked her heart out for her beloved town, and now has to handle low popularity numbers to try and outshine the dashing and dumb Bobby. It makes a lovely combination. Especially when Leslie's camp tries to grapple over using negative ads to thwart him. But, being true to herself, she takes the high road with a very smart advertising spot.

As per Executive Producer Michael Schur, Rudd's role will be a three episode arc with the hope of having him on when his schedule allows.

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