Friday, October 16, 2009

Balloon Boy's Family Is Grade "A" CA-Razy

I don't write about Jon and Kate Plus 8. I despise both of them, and hate how they've used their children for financial gain beyond reasonable means. This is also why I don't watch Wife Swap or Trading Spouses. There are always children involved in the chaos with their bonzo nuts parents getting their fifteen minutes. Yet, due to yesterday's Balloon odyssey, sparking images of the film Up, I'll make an exception and mention it here.

If the Balloon Boy antic was a hoax, that "fringe scientist" father and his wife have some 'splaining to do. When a six year old slips that Daddy told him this whole thing was for television, ears will prick up. And - they've been on the aforementioned Wife Swap showing their brand of nervous kind of crazy to mankind before, indicating they love those cameras.

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