Monday, October 26, 2009

Curb Your Enthusiasm

The beauty of the recent season of Curb is seeing David and Seinfeld together. They genuinely enjoy each others jokes, and it's a treat to see how they crack each other up while interacting.

What I had a problem with in last night's episode "Bare Midriff" was how some of the famous exasperating scenarios are becoming more staged to build up to a laugh. For instance, regarding the writer's assistant with the bare gut. First off, perhaps I'm just a kiss ass, but if I were in her shoes, I wouldn't be getting all pissy with Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. (And I wouldn't have that flabby tummy, much less show it. There is something to be said for core workouts). Second, in seasons past, I think that this would have been handled differently. The assistant would have taken the suggestion of covering up her big belly with a dose of hurt, but then go home and complain to someone. It would get around to Larry making him have to confront her and set everything straight, only to ruin it.

Also, I can't imagine the LAPD would actually take a call about stolen paper napkins seriously, so the basis of that reality kind of kills it for me. When Larry was pulled aside by the cop because of napkins, it felt like an obvious and easy way to make him miss that appointment with the assistant and her mother's co-signing at the bank.

Despite these criticisms (and who am I to do this, really? Larry David is a genius), this comedy is one of the best shows I hardly write about.

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