Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rashida Jones Inks Deal on Graphic Mini Series

Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment have bought the rights to Frenemy of the State, a graphic mini-series created by Jones about a fancy pants lady who grew up with privilege, who likes to spy on her ex-boyfriends and gets into some unlady-like situations while doing so. (At least that is what I can gleen from the blurbs. If I'm wrong. Oops.) She'll be co-writing the script with Will McCormack.

I admired Rashida Jones' portrayal of Jim's love interest in The Office, and enjoy her current work on Parks and Rec. She was also extremely lovable in the incredibly funny flick I Love You Man, thus solidifying my Rashida fan-ship. So, it was good news to hear that Jones' passion project will be coming to fruition.

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