Sunday, August 16, 2009

Del Close Marathon 2009 - Saturday

It was a late night last night, and I'm word weary and without my thesaurus. The Del Close Marathon will end tonight, and I am so jazzed from seeing the All Stars of UCB up close and hilarious. After an afternoon of performances by eager, fresh faced improv groups (it ranged from curious to boring to finding some individual stand outs), I headed over to FIT for Scheer-McBrayer. Two of the funniest guys around playing Harold games and killing. (Did Jack know what he was in for later that night?)

Went back to UCB. Got in for The Benson Interruption. Twice in one week for me. Couldn't get photos because I was standing within walls of human flesh with just enough view to see. I knew Sarah Silverman was a guest (she appeared in Seth and Ed's Puppet Show previous). Also in the line up was Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer. The Interruption never EVER disappoints. It was incredible. What I didn't know was this was the start of the comedy version of the Midnight Ramble. As Levon Helms once said of the rock and roll version, and I'm paraphrasing, " The songs got raunchier and the prettiest girls would really shake it a few times."

After The Smartest Panels of Experts with Matt Besser as Host to a line up of misfits who answered probing questions, and the tremendous Cracked Out, along came this...
...The Match Game. This was like the last scene (although this wasn't the last of anything for DCM) in The Last Waltz (why do I keep using that film as a metaphor for this?) when Joni, Van, Bob, Robbie, Neil Young, Neil Diamond...everyone came on stage and sang "I Shall Be Released"...but this was the All Star lineup at UCB, playing the Match Game with Host Scheer as Gene Rayburn and contestant Jack McBrayer who got TRASHED by everyone. The multi-star line up was Sarah Silverman as Carl Weathers, Morgan Vukovic Walsh (who I met earlier and is so sweet) as Hot Lips Hoolihan, Matt Walsh as Van Morrison, Benson as Don Ho, Brett Gelman as somebody, Nick Kroll as another guy I can't remember because I was dieing... there was Flipper, the mentally retarded guy from Deliverance, Huebel as a majorly pissed John McEnroe and so many many. So good.

It was absolute hilarious, fucking funny, oh-my-GOD I will never EVER be the same after Seth Morris pulled down his loin cloth MAYHEM, hilarious. I'm speechless. Here are my blurry pictures...

Deliverance Guy gives his answer...

John McEnroe takes his anger out on Jack - who everyone is mock hating - with his tennis balls.

On to a whole afternoon at UCB ending with Assscat 3000 tonight.

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