Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Comedy DVD Releases This Week

When Flight of the Conchords season one DVD's came out a while back, fans of the New Zealand duo were convinced that HBO initially under estimated their potential success, explaining why the disk set held no extras, no outtakes, no deleted scenes, no commentary, no nothing. By season two, HBO executives knew better, and pulled together some fun extras, outtakes, commercials with Dave, deleted scenes and songs. Now we can hold out for...a season three? Find it at, or any of your fine stores that are probably going out of business.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show season three also came out on DVD yesterday. These guys are genius, and disturbingly weird. They are probably an acquired taste, but their twisted comedy is infectious - in a good way. Not the fungus or bacteria way. Buy it along with seasons one and two.

I really like the song they created to celebrate being voted as the #10 out of 20 favorite comedians on

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